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In the Year of the Pig

Emile de Antonio’s powerful and moving condemnation of the devastation wrought by the USA's military intervention in Vietnam in the name of “peace”.

Even if a screening is sold out, tickets are often available 30 minutes before the start of the film at the box office at each venue.

In the Year of the Pig

  • Director-Producer-Screenwriter Emile de Antonio
  • USA 1968
  • 101 mins

Preserved at the UCLA Film & Television Archive. Preserved in cooperation with the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research from the original 35mm acetate picture and soundtrack negatives. Laboratory services by Film Technology Company, Inc. Sound services by Audio Mechanics, DJ Audio, Inc. YCM Laboratories. Special thanks to: Denise Casper, Simon Daniel, Nancy de Antonio, Maxine Fleckner Ducy, Peter Oreckinto, John Polito, Roy Siriwattanakamol.

Restored at UCLA Film & TV Archive by Ross Lipman as part of his mission to preserve key american documentaries, Pig remains one of the most powerful condemnations of the USA’s military adventure in Vietnam, and – along with Hearts and Minds and The Fog of War – one of the most moving. Culling archive footage from a vast array of sources – including amateur film of Ho Chi minh – de Antonio exposes politicians’ lies and the way in which his country devastated the land and people of Vietnam in the name of ‘peace’. Despite a troubled premiere, when the cinema screen was spray-painted with a hammer-and-sickle and the word ‘traitors!’, the film was nominated for an Oscar and influenced countless people, from Francis Ford Coppola in the making of Apocalypse Now to the Smiths, who used an image from the film as the cover of their album Meat is Murder.
Clyde Jeavons

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