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Lebanon Factory

A portmanteau feature that is an often laugh-out-loud portrait of Lebanon and all its myriad charms and idiosyncrasies.


Dir-Scr Ahmad Ghossein, Lucie La Chimia, Shirin AbuShaqra, Manuel Maria Perrone, Una Gunjak, Rami Kodeih, Mounia Akl, Neto Villalobos
Prod Myriam Sassine, Georges Schoucair, Dominique Welinski
Prod Co Abbout Productions

A kaleidoscopic view of Lebanon, the Arab world’s most endlessly fascinating and infuriating country, as seen through the eyes of eight directors and four compelling short films. Lebanon is a tapestry, a mosaic of religions and spheres of influence, its representatives all attempting to co-habit while competing for control over a country even its own citizens have compared in size and deadliness to a scorpion’s genitals. As such, Lebanon Factory, a portmanteau collection of four short films from eight Lebanese directors, is a fitting snapshot of life in a country as defined by its natural beauty and irresistible human spirit as it is its seemingly intrinsic dysfunction. The four stories range between the tale of a Lebanese man pretending to be a Syrian migrant in order to smuggle his way into Europe and an octopus’ unfortunate encounter with an intrepid swimmer, and pretty much everything in between. Together, they reflect the multiplicity of voices and characters in this boisterous, bustling country.

Ali Jaafar

Festival guests

These members of the filmmaking team are expected to attend the festival:

  • Lucie La Chimia, Director

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