Zombi Child

The latest provocation from Bertrand Bonello (Nocturama, LFF 2016) splices Haitian history and folklore with contemporary life at an elite girls’ boarding school in Paris.

Dir-Scr Bertrand Bonello
Prod Bertrand Bonello, Judith Lou Lévy, Ève Robin
With Louise Labèque, Wislanda Louimat, Katiana Milfort
UK Distribution MUBI
With English subtitles

Haiti, 1962. A man is resurrected from the dead. Forced to work on a sugar cane plantation, Clairvius Narcisse is trapped in perpetual night. Fast forward to contemporary Paris. Haitian teen Mélissa is the new girl at a prestigious school, where cerebral lectures on liberalism are de rigeur. Mélissa makes her first friend in dreamer Fanny when they discover a shared passion for Stephen King. Fanny invites Mélissa to join a secret ‘literary sorority’. But while presentations on Rihanna keep their story firmly 21st-century, something more ancient is at play, with Mélissa harbouring an incendiary family secret. Influenced by the zombie films beloved by Bonello in his youth, Zombi Child teases at genre elements, stirs up post-colonial debate and builds to a truly audacious conclusion.

Kate Taylor

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