Captions for customers who are D/deaf or hard of hearing will be presented at the Sat 16 Oct 18:00 NFT1 screening.

Precious Hair & Beauty

  • Director-Screenwriter

    John Ogunmuyiwa

  • Producers

    Sophia Gibber, Tony Longe, Lene Bausager

  • UK 2020. 11min

With observant commentary on the changing landscape of London communities, this is a witty and energetic snapshot of an odd day at a Black hair dressers.


  • Director

    Alexandra Brodski

  • Producer

    Sabina Smitham

  • Screenwriters

    Alexandra Brodski, Amelia Spencer

  • UK 2021. 20min

Imprisoned in child detention, Jacob finds himself alone and desperate to reach the outside world. Help from an unlikely source gives his predicament an even weirder twist.


  • Directors-Screenwriters

    Sam H Freeman, Ng Choon Ping

  • Producers

    Sam Ritzenberg, Hayley Williams, Rienkje Attoh

  • UK 2020. 18min

In a tense late-night journey, Jordan encounters a drug-dealer in a dangerous den populated by a gang of men and stifling with toxic masculinity.

This film contains scenes of drug use and strong violence.

The Other End

  • Director-Screenwriter

    Nia Childs

  • Producer

    Alexandra Da Silva

  • UK 2020. 16min

Shona’s boyfriend hasn’t come home. She fears the worst, so ventures out into the sodium-orange glow of London’s streets at night to find him.

We’re Too Good for This

  • Director-Screenwriter

    Missy Malek

  • Producers

    Sam Barnham, Camilla Arnold

  • UK 2021. 11min

Stereotypes are overturned in this story of physical disability, where a group of friends on a council estate find a way to assert their independence using the gifts others see as flaws.

For Love

  • Director-Screenwriter

    Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor

  • Producer

    Emily Morgan

  • UK 2021. 13min

In this beautiful drama, a couple battle for a future where they can find a home and freedom that is not determined by where they’re from.

Short films programmed by Nellie Alston, Philip Ilson, Aduke King and Elaine Wong.