Yours in Sisterhood

Women across the US give voice to letters sent by readers to a feminist magazine in the 1970s, in this galvanizing and elegantly assembled documentary.

Dir-Prod-Scr Irene Lusztig
Sales Women Make Movies

Yours in Sisterhood doesn’t tell a story as much as it gathers an ensemble of personal narratives related to womanhood. UK-born filmmaker Irene Lusztig asks a group of women to read unpublished letters received by Ms., the first mainstream feminist magazine published in the US. The women then engage with the letters, relating them to their own personal experiences, highlighting with appalling clarity the fact that feminism still grapples with many of the same issues that it did in the 1970s: male-dominated workplaces, domestic work, financial independence, sex work, gay motherhood, trans representation, black womanhood and interracial relationships. It is a deceptively simple, hugely effective and ultimately celebratory documentary, which should be mandatory viewing for those who want their feminism to be joyful and intersectional.

Ana David