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You Don’t Nomi

Paul Verhoeven’s much-maligned masterpiece is placed under the microscope in this fascinating rumination on the one and only Showgirls.

Dir Jeffrey McHale
Prod Ariana Garfinkel, Jeffrey McHale
Sales XYZ Films

When it opened in 1995, Paul Verhoeven’s big-budget sleaze-fest Showgirls was the talk of the town – for all the wrong reasons. Reviled by critics and ignored by audiences, the only place it found any love was at the Razzies. But time is a great healer, and as the years have passed, perceptions of the film have gradually shifted. In his riveting and deftly cine-literate investigation into the evolution of a true cult classic, Jeffrey McHale assembles a chorus of critics, academics and fans to have their say on one of cinema’s most baffling creations. More akin to an essay film than a conventional documentary, You Don’t Nomi makes a fascinating case for – and against – a film that we are still trying to understand all these years later. Now, pass me that Doggy Chow!

Michael Blyth

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