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Egyptian filmmaker A.B. Shawky makes his feature debut with this utterly unique road movie which charts the friendship between a leper and a young orphan.

Dir-Scr A.B. Shawky
Prod Dina Emam
With Rady Gamal, Ahmed Abdelhafiz
Sales Wild Bunch

Beshay (Rady Gamal) is a leper and the unlikely protagonist of film student A.B. Shawky’s charming feature debut. That Beshay’s physical affliction doesn’t overshadow the film or the exuberance of his character is testament to the filmmaker’s deftness of touch and empathetic approach to portraying one of society’s outsiders. We first see Beshay eking out a living in his leper colony. When his wife dies, he decides to venture out into the world to track down his birth family, who abandoned him at the colony when he was a child. Along the way, he gains the friendship and support of young Obama (Ahmed Abdelhafiz). A.B. Shawky displays an impressive maturity in avoiding what could have become a cloying essay in sentimentality, while his leads offer up a moving portrait of friendship.

Ali Jaafar

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