Word of God

Gud taler ud

When your dad (also known as ‘God’) is weighing up whether to call his autobiography ‘Mein Kampf’ you know things have got pretty f***ed up.


Dir Henrik Ruben Genz
Prod Signe Leick Jensen, Morten Kaufmann
Scr Bo hr Hansen, Henrik Ruben Genz
With Søren Malling, Lisa Nilsson, Marcus Sebastian Gert
Prod Co Toolbox Film

Welcome to a world of dark and dirty humour that Danes do so well, where pretty much nothing is off limits. It’s 1986, months after the Chernobyl disaster. With nuclear fall-out weighing heavily on his mind, teenage poet Jens could do with a break from his crazy family. His domineering father Uffe (also known as ‘God’), an erstwhile writer and now self-styled psychologist, uses their living room for some seriously weird therapy sessions. Older brother Thomas is a legendary wanker. Literally. He’s holed up in his bedroom trying to break a masturbation record. Their Swedish mum seems pretty cool, although she’s not above asking the local hooker over to help relieve her boy of his virginity ‘problem’. But when ‘God’ gets bowled a medical bombshell, a fresh circle of hell breaks loose… And it’s one hell of a hoot.

Sarah Lutton

Festival guests

These members of the filmmaking team are expected to attend the festival:

  • Henrik Ruben Genz, Director; Søren Malling, Cast

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