Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema

If the cinematic canon is dominated by male directors, how can we respond to it? With an epic series comprised of brilliant films by female filmmakers.

Dir-Scr Mark Cousins
Prod John Archer
With Tilda Swinton
240min plus interval
UK Distribution Dogwoof

The latest cinematic lecture by Mark Cousins is passionately devoted to and powered by female practitioners. Women Make Film aims to present 40 key topics pivotal to the craft and philosophy of cinema through excerpts from films directed by women. For the first four hours of Cousins’ vast project, he traverses 11 topics, including ‘Openings’, ‘Believability’, ‘Conversations’ and ‘Framing’. The result is a beautiful labour of love – a tribute to the genius of women directors and to the art of cinema. It is also a valuable contribution to the ongoing process of addressing film history and those who have been omitted from it. Future episodes include ‘Sex’, ‘Religion’, ‘Memory’ and ‘The Meaning of Life’. Who knows, we might just learn about something more than filmmaking.

Ana David