The White Girl

Debut director Jenny Suen collaborates with Christopher Doyle for this gorgeous Hong Kong-based drama, set to delight dreamers, outcasts and sensualists.

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Dir-Scr Jenny Suen. Co-Dir-Scr Christopher Doyle
Prod Ken Hui, Alea Rahim, Leonard Tee
With Joe Odagiri, Angela Yuen, Jeff Yiu
Hong Kong (SAR of China)
Sales Kino Films

The White Girl is a beautiful teenager whose is allergic to the sun. She lives with her father in a shack above the sea in Pearl Village, Hong Kong’s last fishing community. A mysterious Japanese man takes up residence in an abandoned camera obscura nearby. The film’s trio of outcasts is rounded out by a scrappy street kid with his ear to the ground. Each experiences an awakening in this gorgeously shot, mysteriously charged environment. Debut director Jenny Suen collaborates with legendary cinematographer Christopher Doyle on an intoxicating and texturally rich film. A quirky, irreverent drama, The White Girl is a tropical noir fairy tale, for sensualists who believe in the power of pop songs.

Kate Taylor

Festival guests

These members of the filmmaking team are expected to attend the festival:

  • Jenny Suen, Director; Christopher Doyle, Co-Director

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