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When You Think You Know How It Ends

Meet the doppelgängers, the outcasts and the weirdos.

From encounters in the unlikeliest of places in the city you sleep in, to the brightest of days in places you’ll never visit in a supernatural world.

Elaine Wong

Total running time 106 min

This is a 18+ screening. Content warning: This programme contains explicit content and themes, including violence and graphic images.

Films in this programme
  • Image from What Do You Know About The Water And The Moon, Dir Jian Luo

    What Do You Know About The Water And The Moon

  • Image from Be Still My Beating Heart, Dir Ruth Paxton

    Be Still My Beating Heart

  • Image from Rain, Rain, Run Away, Dir Clémentine Carrié

    Rain, Rain, Run Away

  • Image from Roadkill, Dir Leszek Mozga


  • Image from White Girl, Dir Nadia Latif

    White Girl

  • Image from Suicide By Sunlight, Dir Nikyatu

    Suicide By Sunlight

  • Image from Nimic, Dir Yorgos Lanthimos


Film 1

What Do You Know About The Water And The Moon

During an abortion, 17-year-old Yang gives birth to a live jellyfish in her bathroom.

Dir Jian Luo. China 2019. 16min

Film 2

Be Still My Beating Heart

A nightmarish, contemporary vision. Two adult sisters exist dysfunctionally, each limited by illnesses affecting both body and mind – one physically and the other psychologically. Featuring Maxine Peake (Funny Cow, this Festival’s Fanny Lye Deliver’d).

Dir Ruth Paxton. UK 2019. 25min

Film 3

Rain, Rain, Run Away

Left to her own devices during an August heatwave, a seven-year-old wild child and her companion have an adventure filled with squirt guns, cicadas and rain dances.

Dir Clémentine Carrié. France 2019. 15min

Film 4


In a world where deer are the dominant species, one alpha male goes for an evening car ride and has an unfortunate accident.

Dir Leszek Mozga. UK 2019. 8min

Film 5

White Girl

Beth is seemingly lost. As she wanders around seeking help from strangers, things take a darker turn.

Dir Nadia Latif. UK 2019. 13min

Film 6

Suicide By Sunlight

Valentina, a day-walking black vampire protected from the sun by her melanin, is forced to restrain her bloodlust to regain custody of her estranged daughters.

Dir Nikyatu. USA 2018. 17min

Film 7


Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster, The Favourite) tells the story of a professional cellist (Matt Dillon) who has an encounter with a stranger on the subway, with unexpected and far-reaching ramifications.

Dir Yorgos Lanthimos. Germany-UK-USA 2019. 12min

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