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Calm Inside the Storm

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned it in these emotional and captivating short films.

Programmed by Emma Smart | Total running time 84min

Films in this programme
  • Image from Sparrow, Dir Ali Kurr


  • Image from Maybe Today, Dir Sarah Rotella

    Maybe Today

  • Image from They Found Her in a Field, Dir Ellie Rogers

    They Found Her in a Field

  • Image from If Only for a Moment, Dir Sophie Kurpershoek

    If Only for a Moment

  • Image from Parker, Dir Rhianon Jones


  • Image from Treacle, Dir Rosie Westhoff


  • Image from Home Girl, Dir Poonam Brah

    Home Girl

Film 1


It’s not all love’s young dream during a getaway at a British seaside resort.

Dir Ali Kurr. UK 2018. 10min

Film 2

Maybe Today

Imagining getting the girl is the easy part.

Dir Sarah Rotella. Canada 2018. 3min

Film 3

They Found Her in a Field

The loss of a friend in school still cuts deep.

Dir Ellie Rogers. UK 2018. 6min

Film 4

If Only for a Moment

Al was het maar voor even

There are no limits when you’re escaping the real world.

Dir Sophie Kurpershoek. Belgium 2017. 30min

Film 5


Two lovers who flirted with others at a party have the ride home to make up.

Dir Rhianon Jones. USA 2017. 5min

Film 6


A friendship is jeopardised after a drunken hook-up.

Dir Rosie Westhoff. UK-USA 2019. 18min

Film 7

Home Girl

Roya pushes away the woman she loves but what if she doesn’t have to hide anymore?

Dir Poonam Brah. UK 2018. 12min

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