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Olivier Assayas takes us deep into the world of Cuban spies in Florida, in this 1990s-set espionage drama with a sting in its tail.

Dir-Scr Olivier Assayas
Prod Rodrigo Teixeria, Charles Gillibert, Lourenço Sant’Anna
With Penélope Cruz, Edgar Ramírez, Gael García Bernal
Sales Orange Studio
With English subtitles

One morning on a routine flight, Cuban pilot René does not return to base, instead flying to Miami for a new life. Another pilot Juan Pablo swims to Guantanamo Bay and is rewarded at the U.S. military base with a McDonald's meal. As the men start to thrive in the anti-Castro expat community, they are soon running into political activism, FBI interference and the temptations of Florida life. Based on a true story, and featuring superb turns from Penélope Cruz as René's principled wife Olga and Ana de Armas as the embodiment of the American dream, director Olivier Assayas has crafted a smart, evocative and meticulously textured spy procedural, which builds to a fascinating meditation on loyalty, ideology and the human cost of espionage.

Kate Taylor

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