• Director


  • Producers

    Meiske Taurisia, Muhammad Zaidy

  • Screenwriters

    Edwin, Eka Kurniawan

  • With

    Marthino Lio, Ladya Cheryl

  • Indonesia-Singapore-Germany 2021. 114min

  • Sales

    The Match Factory

  • Language


    With English subtitles

  • Certificate


Combining elements of retro East Asian fight cinema, raunchy sex comedies, ghost stories and all out romance movies, this utterly distinctive, weirdly moving film focuses on Ajo (Marthino Lio) a moody hitman intent on proving his worth by assassinating a local hood. But when he meets troubled bodyguard Iteung (Cheryl), a softer side to this young man emerges – an initially knockabout connection morphing into something more romantically physical. The only snag is that Ajo is impotent, just one of many obstacles the new couple must face as they hurtle into an uncertain, unpredictable and violent future. Constantly evolving narratively and tonally, prolific director Edwin’s beautifully shot and performed film fires along at breakneck pace, unfolding its complex, thematically rich story with elegance, energy and sincere emotion. A truly unique film.

Paul Ridd

This film contains distressing scenes.

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