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When a documentary filmmaker interviews young Israelis about their settlement in the West Bank, the results are an urgent film of revealing and sometimes challenging conversations.

Dir-Prod Iris Zaki
Scr Iris Zaki, Oren Yaniv
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UK-based Israeli director Iris Zaki set up her camera on the terrace of a local café in Tekoa for one month, in order to conduct conversations with Israeli settlers on the West Bank. All too aware that her political leanings do not correspond with theirs, few accept her invitation of talking to camera. But for those that do, Zaki is assertive, never shying away from posing difficult and occasionally provocative questions. They, in turn, answer candidly, sharing their beliefs. Part-artistic impulse and part-political activism, Unsettling goes a long way in highlighting the positive role cinema can play in engaging with harmful practices, fostering constructive dialogue and creating public awareness. It is a unique film, crafted with great intelligence and one that casts much-needed light on Israeli and Palestinian geopolitics.

Ana David

Filmmaker travel kindly supported by the Embassy of Israel London.

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