Two Plains & a Fancy

The world’s first psychedelic ‘Spa Western’ is a witty, trippy and discursively delightful jaunt across Colorado, featuring a fabulous cast that includes Jeune Femme’s Laetitia Dosch.

Dir Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn
Prod Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn, Annalise Lockhart, Nathan Silver, C Mason Wells, Abby Eudora
Scr Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn, Sarah Dziedzic
With Benjamin Crotty, Laetitia Dosch, Marianna McClellan
Prod Co Two Plains & a Fancy, LLC

Having conjured up a satirical vision of the 1990s with L for Leisure (LFF 2014), independent filmmaking duo Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn have gone back to the 1890s for their hilarious and highly original follow-up. Shot on 16mm and described as a ‘Spa Western’, Two Plains & a Fancy undermines cowboy genre machismo at every turn. Artistic dandy Milton Tingling, French geologist Ozanne Le Perrier and conwoman-turned-mystic Alta Mariah Sophronia traverse the stunning landscapes and strange ghost towns of Colorado in search of hot springs and New Age thrills. Alternately philosophical, silly and sincerely mind-expanding, this is one journey where digressions are more important than the destination. Fans of sensual bathing, candlelight meditation, paranormal humping and/or John Waters will enjoy.

Manish Agarwal