Award-winning director Jayro Bustamante (whose La Llorona also features in the Official Competition) presents a complex and provocative portrait of queer identity in Guatemala.

Dir-Scr Jayro Bustamante
Prod Edgard Tenembaum, Pilar Peredo, Jayro Bustamante, Gérard Lacroix
With Juan Pablo Olyslager, Mauricio Armas Zebadúa, Diane Bathen
Sales Film Factory Entertainment
With English subtitles

When his wealthy, ultra-conservative family learn that Pablo, a married father of two, has been having an affair with another man they stage an immediate intervention. Despite the vehement protestations of his scandalised relatives, Pablo attempts to stay true to himself, making the bold decision to move in with Francisco, his lover. Losing his old home, but never quite feeling settled in his new one, Pablo exists in an isolated state of limbo until his determined family turn to the church in the hope that their wayward son can be ‘cured’. Shot within darkly lit interiors that enhance the claustrophobic atmosphere of oppression, Bustamante’s stiflingly tense, often devastating exploration of destructive societal and religious pressures is an indelible experience that’s impossible to forget.

Michael Blyth

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  • Jayro Bustamante, director.

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