Short films programme

To My Mother and My Father

A selection of riveting shorts that explore the relationship between parents and their children. The rules of parenting are never cut and dried, whether it's living in the wilds of Scotland, as a refugee in Italy, in rural Bangladesh or suburban Sydney.

Philip Ilson

Total running time 99min


On a journey back to her roots, Mia must face her fears. Featuring Elisa Lasowski.

Image from Mia

Dir Maria Martinez Bayona
UK 2016

The Silence

Il silenzio

Fatma and her mother are Kurdish refugees in Italy. On a visit to the doctor, Fatma has to translate for her mother what the doctor tells her.

Image from The Silence

Dir Ali Asgari, Farnoosh Samadi
Italy-France 2016


Set in rural Bangladesh, a story of a girl and the tragedy that changed her life.

Image from Moriom

Dir Francesca Scalisi, Mark Olexa
Switzerland 2015

Your Mother and I

Johnna’s Dad transformed the world. Or so he says. Based on a short story by Dave Eggers and featuring Don McKellar.

Image from Your Mother and I

Dir Anna Maguire
Canada-UK 2016


Tehzeeb’s fate is sealed after an arranged marriage at her father’s request. But Rizwan and Tehzeeb were not made for one another. And they both know it.

Image from Tehzeeb

Dir Myriam Raja
UK 2015

Between the Chalets

Holidays to Leysdown-on-Sea are not what we remember as this family reminisces over the good times.

Image from Between the Chalets

Dir Finley Christina Way
UK 2016

Take Your Partners

8-year-old Ollie is crazy about football and the Wild West. At the school’s Easter parade, she’s not going to accept conventional gender roles.

Image from Take Your Partners

Dir Siri Rodnes
UK 2015