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That Time of Year

Den tid på året

Paprika Steen’s third foray behind the camera serves up a delectably funny slice of Christmas cheer, with The Killing’s Sofie Gråbøl sporting a truly outrageous perm.

Dir Paprika Steen
Prod Mikael Rieks
Scr Jakob Weis
With Paprika Steen, Sofie Gråbøl, Lars Brygmann
Prod Co Nordisk Film Production A/S

As the snow falls and passive aggressive messages from family members pile up on her voicemail, stressed-out 40-something Katrine (Paprika Steen) tries to plan the annual festive family celebration. Surely it will be better than the disaster of last year’s events? But even with the best intentions, she’s probably doomed to fail with this unholy brood: a hormonal daughter; a pious vicar; a miserly wine snob who never brings any booze, and a divorced selfie-obsessed grandma. Steen has a keen sense of comedy in performance and direction, deftly capturing the amusing nuances of snippy-snappy dialogue, ego clashes and subtle put-downs. Her sure hand and unselfconscious performance, supported by a knockout script and impish cast, ensure this highly relatable tale will warm even the coldest hearts.

Sarah Lutton

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