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Nerve-shredders that’ll get your adrenalin pumping and keep you on the edge of your seat.

They say truth is stranger than fiction. Well, sometimes it is: stealing €11.6m in plain daylight from a bank, for example, (11.6), sailing 4,300 miles on a balsa wood raft (Kon-Tiki) or courting fiery death in a Formula One racing car (Weekend of a Champion). But there are thrills to be had, too, from the fictional stories that test us as people and that take us the to the very limits of who we are (The Enemy Within), who we could be (Omar) and who we don’t want to be (Durban Poison, New World). Some thrills may be cheap – but some last a lifetime.

Damon Wise

Thrill Gala

Mystery RoadMystery Road

An Aboriginal cop returns to his home town to investigate the murder of a teenage girl in this superb slow-burn-thriller with a stellar Australian cast.

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Revealing, star-studded documentary on Formula 1 motor racing; its glamour, its lethal history and the long fight to make the sport safe for drivers.

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Little White Lies’ François Cluzet is superbly poker-faced in this fact-based heist story that’s more slow-burn than smash ‘n’ grab.

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All is LostAll is Lost

Robert Redford offers an astonishingly physical performance as a yachtsman marooned at sea in JC Chandor’s almost dialogue-free endurance yarn.

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The Doorway to HellThe Doorway to Hell

Brash, charismatic tough-guy James Cagney made his name in these gritty, fast-paced, realistic Warner Bros. Depression-era gangster melodramas.

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A remote-control warfare bunker is the unlikely setting for a class-conscious morality tale in Rick Rosenthal’s wonderfully tense indie thriller.

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Durban PoisonDurban Poison

Death on the road marks director Andrew Worsdale’s return with his thriller based on a South African couple’s notorious 1980s killing spree.

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The Enemy WithinThe Enemy Within

The vigilante movie meets real-world complexities as intellectual Kostas is forced to question his assumptions following the violation of his family.

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A powerful Gothic melodrama of domestic sadism and psychological suspense, now digitally remastered by the BFI National Archive.

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Armat Escalante won Best Director in Cannes for this tense, relentless tale of an ordinary family’s unwitting descent into Mexico’s brutal drug wars.

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A breathtaking re-telling of anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl’s transformational 1947 journey by raft from Peru to Polynesia.

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The Lady from ShanghaiThe Lady from Shanghai

Orson Welles’ celebrated noir-thriller dazzlingly restored, with femme fatale Rita Hayworth famously reflected in a surreal hall of mirrors.

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New WorldNew World

A violent struggle for crime syndicate succession in Park Hoon-jung’s entertaining thriller that pays its dues to The Godfather and Infernal Affairs.

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A fresh and fast-paced tale of crimes and misdemeanours in Copenhagen’s notorious Nordvest, and the inevitable human cost of gangster life.

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A white-knuckle thriller that sees a young Palestinian try to evade the Israeli security services while earning the love of his girlfriend.

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A tense conspiracy thriller from the director of Insomnia. Can Petter turn whistleblower and preserve his slice of Norwegian Oil Bubble riches?

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Weekend of a ChampionWeekend of a Champion

Digitally restored new version of the exciting and insightful documentary on the life of 1970s World Champion racing driver, Jackie Stewart.

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Bizarre RideBizarre Ride

Adventure, desired or most unwanted, is the star in these short films from around the world.

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