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This is Our Land

Chez nous

Emilie Dequenne plays a young woman lured into standing as candidate for the French far right in this provocative political drama from director Lucas Belvaux.


Dir Lucas Belvaux
Prod David Frenkel, Patrick Quinet
Scr Lucas Belvaux, Jérôme Leroy
With Émilie Dequenne, André Dussollier, Guillaume Gouix
Sales Le Pacte

Director Lucas Belvaux offers a cautionary picture of contemporary French politics, in a drama about the far right’s strategies of seduction. Controversially premiered in France before the recent presidential elections, this canny political piece from director Lucas Belvaux (Trilogy, Rapt) presented a timely warning about the advance of the French far right. Émilie Dequenne is superb as Pauline, a nurse in a French northern town who is approached to stand as a candidate for the RNP party headed by Agnès Dorgelle (Catherine Jacob) – a thinly-disguised version of Front National leader Marine Le Pen. Compassionate, tolerant Pauline considers herself a left-winger – but even she finds herself lured in by the PR strategies of a party cleverly whitewashing its extremity through appeal to the ‘good sense’ of everyday people. This taut realist drama offers a canny analysis of the contradictions of contemporary political rhetoric – and not just in France.

Jonathan Romney

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