• Director

    Manuela de Laborde

  • Germany-Mexico-Canada 2021. 22min

A layered and poetic attempt to reflect the perspective of the plant world. Developed over three years, the piece adopts the intentionality of moss by recognising different understandings of duration, rather than simply seeing through our eyes and pressing record.

Desert Lights

  • Director

    Félix Blume

  • Mexico-France 2021. 30min

Different readings of the uncannily beautiful light of the desert at night lend a sense of mystery to this work. A world that we think of as empty and dark slowly reveals multitudinous layers of nocturnal life, supernatural stories and enigmatic sounds.

This film contains flashing images.

The Hand That Sings

  • Directors

    Alex Reynolds, Alma Söderberg

  • Producer

    Alicia Reginato

  • Spain-Belgium-Norway-Sweden 2021. 23min

Choreographed hand gestures, sung notes, and word games in Spanish and English mingle with the different textures of tree bark, match-light and a cityscape to perform a rich, non-hierarchical rehearsal.

Programmed by Hyun Jin Cho