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They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead

This scintillating documentary, which features a wealth of archive footage and contemporary interviews, tells the little-known story of Orson Welles’ unfinished film The Other Side of The Wind.

Dir Morgan Neville
Prod Korelan Matteson, Josh Karp, Filip Jan Rymsza, Morgan Neville
UK Distribution Netflix

Cinematic iconoclast Orson Welles’ late career was marked by failed projects, an indifferent industry and mounting frustration. This brilliant documentary by Oscar-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville (whose Won’t You Be My Neighbor? also plays in this year’s Festival) depicts Welles’ struggles in attempting to complete what would become his most legendary unfinished film, The Other Side of the Wind. It details the tortuous process of its production through footage of the incomplete film, which starred John Huston, Susan Strasberg, Welles’ companion Oja Kodar and Peter Bogdanovich, who is one of the key interviewees in this compelling and poignant account of thwarted ambition.

Adrian Wootton

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