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Theatre of War

Teatro de guerra

Six veterans from the Falklands/Malvinas conflict grapple with how to present a difficult past in this debut hybrid film from Argentine writer, musician and director Lola Arias.

Dir-Scr Lola Arias
Prod Gema Juárez Allen, Alejandra Grinschpun
Sales Luz Verde

Both a commentary on the making of an artwork about the Falklands/Malvinas and an exploration of the fluid spaces between authenticity and artificiality, Theatre of War presents an imaginative and deeply humane reflection on the contested poetics of memory. The ex-combatants – David, Lou, Gabriel, Marcelo, Rubén and Sukrim – are all given the space to control how they represent a conflict whose ghosts still haunt both their own sense of self and their nation’s identity. By mapping the men’s performative journey, Theatre of War becomes a discussion about collaboration and engagement, and how, by engaging with ‘the other’ (those who were ‘on the other side’), these men work together to reach a different understanding of their past.

Maria Delgado

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