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Talking About Trees

This beautifully shot feature debut, winner of the Berlinale Best Documentary Award, couldn’t be timelier for Sudan.

Dir-Scr Suhaib Gasmelbari
Prod Marie Balducchi
UK Distribution New Wave Films
With English subtitles

The northeast African country is in a state of political and cultural instability, the result of unresolved trauma from decades of war and an increasingly hostile attitude towards culture that has resulted in the disappearance of countless cinemas. Filmmaker Suhaib Gasmelbari follows Ibrahim Shadad, Manar Al Hilo, Suleiman Mohamed Ibrahim and Altayeb Mahdi, four veteran members of the Sudanese Film Club, as they embark on a journey in which they aim to return cinemagoing culture back to the country. In the years that it has been absent, theatres have been turned into mosques and factories. But these men are passionate and determined to restore neglected classics from Sudan’s cinematic past. They face religious and political resistance from all corners, but Gasmelbari presents their mission with affection, guile, dignity and humour.

Keith Shiri

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