The Sun Quartet

Radical in both form and subject, this is a visually striking and impassioned testament to victims of crime and political corruption in contemporary Mexico.

Dir-Prod-Scr Colectivo Los Ingravidos
Prod Co Colectivo Los Ingravidos

A radical new kind of political landscape filmmaking produced by an anonymous Mexican collective protesting the national scandal of mass disappearance and the murder of 43 students. This quartet of short films eschews doctrinaire politics in favour of complex, and at times psychedelic and metaphorical explorations of the trauma at the heart of the Mexican landscape and psyche.

Benjamin Cook

+ Olhe Bem As Montanhas

Look Closely at the Mountains

Dir Ana Vaz. France-Brazil 2018. 30min

An ardent, lyrical examination of the irreparable impact to the natural environment caused by human overexploitation through mining in Minas Gerais, Brazil and Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France.