• Director-Screenwriter

    Michel Franco

  • Producers

    Michel Franco, Eréndira Núñez Larios, Cristina Velasco L

  • With

    Tim Roth, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Iazua Larios

  • Mexico-France-Sweden 2021. 83min

  • Sales

    The Match Factory

  • Language

    English, Spanish

    With English subtitles

The Bennett family are on holiday in Acapulco when mother Alice receives a call that necessitates a return home. Only when they get to the airport, one of the party, Neil, notes a problem and returns back to the city while Alice, and her children Colin and daughter Alexa fly home. Working with Tim Roth again following Chronic, Sundown is similarly a portrait of a man in crisis, inventing a new existence for himself where he doesn’t have to account for who he is or what he does. Franco’s camera observes, often from a distance, as Neil navigates this new existence. Following the epic qualities of the defiant, nihilistic New Order (LFF 2020), Sundown is a return to the more intimate character studies of Franco’s earlier cinema, rooted in a complex performance by Tim Roth as the awkward, mysterious Neil. Be prepared to be surprised and unsettled by the latest feature from one of contemporary cinema’s most original filmmakers.

Maria Delgado

Contains strong violence and scenes viewers may find distressing.

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