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A Strange Suspension

Three artists’ films that appropriate disparate found material into new affective orders, suspending their original contexts and difference to find intimacy and personal subjectivity across a range of different technologies, times, mediums and ideas.

Benjamin Cook

Find out about the 59th BFI London Film Festival Experimenta Seminar.

Radio at Night / Raking Light / The Misty Suite

Director James Richards
UK-Germany 2006-2014
20 mins

A special combined presentation of three of James Richards’ recent works that recycle and adapt a diverse range of material to produce a spectral meditation on the human figure as a space of sensual integration inspired by the work of the late filmmaker Derek Jarman.

Notes on Blue

Notes on Blue

Director Moyra Davey
USA 2015
28 mins

A lyrical and personal film essay that explores blindness, colour, identity and ‘confessional’ writing. It interweaves various biographies, including Derek Jarman, PJ Harvey, Anne Sexton, Chris Kraus and Sylvia Plath.

Stoneymollan Trail

Director Charlotte Prodger
UK 2015
54 mins
UK distribution LUX

Using the metaphor of the Stoneymollan Trail, a hiking trail out of Glasgow, the film explores Charlotte Prodger’s personal collection of video material shot over the past fifteen years. The result is a meditation on memory, subjectivity and desire.

Total running time 102 mins

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