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Feminist policing, Indian style: Ivan Ayr’s refreshing, class-conscious debut considers the solidarity between a fiery female officer and her superior.

Dir Ivan Ayr
Prod Kimsi Singh, Kartikeya Narayan Singh
Scr Ivan Ayr, Kislay Kislay
With Geetika Vidya Ohlyan, Saloni Batra, Vikas Shukla
Prod Co Jabberwockee Talkies

Soni cycles through night-time Delhi with a catcaller on her tail. She veers into an alley and he seems to have captured her, until she lands a wallop that breaks his jaw. As the live bait in police sting operations, Soni has a role that calls for self-defence, but the young officer’s hot-headed temper leads to charges of recklessness, threatening her career. This is a major headache for her manager Kalpana. The personal/professional relationship between workaholic police officers is a lynchpin of crime drama, but rarely has this been portrayed as a dynamic between two women, let alone treated with such nuance. As Soni and Kalpana work together to fight a surge of violent crimes against women, Ayr’s insightful film explores the limits of management, mentorship and sisterhood.

Kate Taylor

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