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Shut Up and Play the Piano

Self-proclaimed musical genius Chilly Gonzales is charismatic, complicated, conflicted and bursting with talent in this invigorating documentary.

Dir-Scr Philipp Jedicke
Prod Stephan Holl, Antoinette Koister
Sales Charades

In this multi faceted portrait of a man with alter-egos on top of his ego’s ego, debut documentary director Philipp Jedicke matches Chilly Gonzales’ unhinged stage presence with a film of flamboyant artistic energy. From the source of Chilly’s competitive streak to his days flat-sharing with Peaches and Feist, through his transplantation to underground Berlin in the 1990s to raucous rap battles and performance art, and his later Parisian blossoming as a piano soloist to his recent shows with chamber orchestras… Chilly has documented it all, so Jedicke has a goldmine of archive material to play with. Fans will rejoice, but no prior knowledge is necessary to get a huge kick out of this sweat-drenched potpourri of persona and performance.

Kate Taylor

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