Sheikh Jackson

Al Sheikh Jackson

Sheikh Jackson follows a hardline Islamist preacher who yearns to moonwalk again after the death of singer Michael Jackson.


Dir Amr Salama
Prod Mohamed Hefzy, Hani Osama
Scr Omar Khaled, Amr Salama
With Ahmad Alfishawy, Ahmed Malek, Maged El Kedwany
Sales Media Luna

Egyptian director Amr Salama continues to mine a rich vein of filmmaking with Sheikh Jackson, a winning parable about a preacher with a secret passion for the king of pop. Sheikh Jackson is a bittersweet and poignant tale of an Islamist preacher experiencing a crisis of faith following the death of singer Michael Jackson. With an unexpected air of Proustian longing, the pop icon’s passing pushes the hardline theologian to return to his past and confront youthful experiences. A series of flashbacks retrace his journey from a love-struck teenager through to his eventual conversion to the ultra-conservative Salafist strain of Islam that frowns on music, moonwalking and probably bejeweled white gloves. Salama previously tackled potentially ‘hot potato’ subjects such as AIDS and sectarianism in Egyptian society with the warm-hearted, emotionally generous Asmaa and Excuse My French. Here he takes on religious extremism with great success, serving up another likely audience favourite.

Ali Jaafar

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The introduction/Q&A will be BSL interpreted at the screening on Thu 5 Oct.

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