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Second Time Around

Segunda Vez

A gripping experimental documentary that intertwines politics, psychoanalysis and performance through the contemporary recreation of the works of Argentinian avant-garde artist Oscar Masotta.

Dir Dora Garcia
With Gerardo Naumann, Adriana Barenstein, Graciela Martínez
Prod Co Auguste Orts

The compelling first feature by renowned Spanish artist Dora Garcia is an experimental documentary re-staging the works of influential Argentinian avant-garde artist Oscar Masotta. These profoundly important works are imbued with echoes of the fear and political terror surrounding the disappearance of so many individuals in Argentina, and find new resonance in today’s deeply troubled times. With a kinetic camera, Garcia works her way deep inside the spaces and experiences of the participants. She captures both the implications of past trauma as well as humour in the everyday encounters with avant-garde works from another time, ultimately asserting the power that art still has to confront difficult subjects.

Benjamin Cook

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