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School’s Out

L’ heure de la sortie

A precocious gang of unnervingly smart teens appear to be harbouring a dark and dangerous secret in this elusive French enigma.

Dir-Scr Sébastien Marnier
Prod Caroline Bonmarchand
With Laurent Lafitte, Emmanuelle Bercot, Gringe
Sales Celluloid Dreams

When Professor Capadis unexpectedly leaps to his death from a top-floor classroom window – to the horror of most students – six pupils glance on with chilly disregard. The budding sociopathic behaviour of this curious sextet only grows with the arrival of new substitute teacher, Pierre Hoffman (Laurent Lafitte), who becomes increasingly obsessed with uncovering the mysteries he is witness to. But the closer Pierre comes to the truth, the more he begins to fear for his safety. Cleverly flirting with genre conventions, without ever truly becoming a horror film, Sébastien Marnier’s elusive and disquieting debut is as enigmatic as the creepy kids at its core. Impeccably performed and shot with careful precision, this is one of those films that truly gets under your skin and stays there.

Michael Blyth

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