• Episodes 1 to 2

  • Series Creators

    Dominique Rocher, Eric Forestier

  • Director

    Dominique Rocher

  • Producers

    Pierre Garnier, Carine Boyé

  • Screenwriters

    Dominique Rocher, Eric Forestier

  • With

    Suzanne Clément, Richard Sammel, Jakob Cedergren

  • France 2021. 96min

  • Sales

    Wildbunch TV

  • Language

    French, English, Norwegian

    With English subtitles

In a remote Norwegian observation centre, a group of scientists are studying strange cosmic radio waves that have perplexed astronomers for years. The appearance of the rope presents a new puzzle. Lying on the forest floor, it seems to have no purpose – and no end. As the team’s curiosity gives way to obsession, the rope begins to exert a disturbing influence. Writer and director Dominique Rocher (The Night Eats the World) displays superb control over his material. In his first work for television, he expertly ratchets up the tension, combining a clinical examination of group dynamics with a creeping sense of foreboding. And the shocks, when they come, are precision-tooled and thrilling.

Rowan Woods

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