• Directors-Screenwriters

    Dan Ojari, Mikey Please

  • Producer

    Helen Argo

  • UK 2021. 30min

  • Language


A young robin is brought up by a family of mice and accompanies them on their trips out to liberate food from nearby homes. Robin – also her name – lacks the skills that her adopted siblings possess and must learn ‘the rules of the sneak’ to ensure they minimise their chances of getting caught by cats and humans. Abandoning their usual claymation approach for a more textured stop motion effect, Aardman Animations have created a comical musical delight that looks set to become a new short animated classic. After the screening, you can hear from the filmmakers how they created Robin Robin. And who knows, they might even bring some special ‘guests’ along with them.

Justin Johnson

Suitable for all ages.

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