• Director-Screenwriter

    Martyn Robertson

  • Producers

    Martyn Robertson, Louise Storrie

  • UK 2021. 84min

  • Sales

    MetFilm Sales

  • Language


If you’re different, it ruffles people’s feathers, Ben’s father – and coach – wisely remarks. Martyn Robertson’s documentary begins when Ben is a talented 12-year-old surfer who travels to compete in European and World championships. Back at home, his parents have taken him out of school due to his experiences of violent bullying. Despite the knocks, Ben is carving a fearless future with his board. The dramatic coasts of Scotland and Ireland boast awesome waves, and an equally wild community who risk their lives big wave surfing. The thrill is 100% pure adrenalin and Ben wants in. In this heartfelt family portrait, Ben’s parents feel their way through the delicate ebb and flow of encouragement and stepping back, as Ben follows his dreams.

Sophie Brown

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