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Resurrecting Hassan

A family of blind buskers in Montreal attempt to come to terms with the loss of a loved one in this poignant award-winning documentary.


Dir-Prod Carlo Guillermo Proto
Sales Cinephil

An intimate documentary portrait of the Hartings, a blind Canadian family who make their living singing in Montreal’s metro stations. Denis, Peggy and their daughter Lauviah are haunted by the tragic drowning of seven-year-old Hassan, the only sighted member of their family. Unable to accept his loss, they have become cult followers of Russian mystic Grigori Grabovoi. He claims that people can rise from the dead and believes Hassan’s resurrection is the only way of restoring the family’s happiness. Initially united by grief, the family members’ paths soon diverge. Given intimate access, the camera unflinchingly captures events as they unfold, from intense resurrection sessions with a Grabovoi disciple to violent domestic arguments and moments of profound despair. What emerges from Carlo Guillermo Proto’s award-winning and intense slice of cinéma vérité is a unique family portrait.

Christine Bardsley

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  • Carlo Guillermo Proto, Director

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