Reinterpretations of Form

Films that develop techniques to investigate the ways of perception of time and space, simultaneously destroying old certainties and creating new visions.

Helen de Witt

Total running time 78min

Mirror Without Likeness

A film haiku that condenses time and place.

Image from Mirror Without Likeness

Dir Julia Dogra-Brazell
UK 2016

Available Light

A witty take on the contingencies of the conditions in which to best read Marx.

Image from Available Light

Dir William Raban
UK 2016

Between the Bullet and the Hole

An aesthetic treatment based on the work of women who were the first ‘computers’ working on ballistic tests in World War II.

Image from Between the Bullet and the Hole

Dir Aura Satz
UK 2015


A trance-like vision of everyday objects within a structure based on a poem by Michael Snow.

Image from Poem

Dir Dan Browne
Canada 2015

The Trembling Giant

This remediated nature documentary of America’s oldest trees, now under threat, remodels our vision by shooting through a moving 16mm take-up reel to stunning and unnerving effect.

Image from The Trembling Giant

Dir Patrick Tarrant
UK 2016


Single images reveal the beauty of a topsy-turvy forest, ultimately saved by the people of the city.

Image from U-Turn

Dir Adam Kossoff
UK 2016

In, Over & Out

Using multiple cameras, the artist films students leaving Le Fresnoy art school in a tribute to the Lumière brothers that links labour and art practice across the centuries.

Image from In, Over & Out

Dir Sebastian Brameshuber
Austria-France 2015

Cyclops Observes the Heavenly Bodies

Shooting water spouting from a fountain, Jacob’s latest exploration of the mechanics of perception brings forth the most three-dimensional image that it is possible for the human eye to see.

Image from Cyclops Observes the Heavenly Bodies

Dir Ken Jacobs
USA 2014