• Director-Screenwriter

    Abdullah Mohammad Saad

  • Producer

    Jeremy Chua

  • With

    Azmeri Haqui Badhon, Afia Jahin Jaima, Afia Tabassum Borno

  • Bangladesh-Singapore-Qatar 2021. 107min

  • Sales

    Films Boutique

  • Language


    With English subtitles

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Abdullah Mohammad Saad’s sophomore feature is a nuanced examination of the moral potholes that exist on the road to justice when someone is a witness to a sexual assault. Rehana is a single mother and an assistant professor at a medical college who encounters a student running away from what has clearly been a sexual assault, carried out by one of her colleagues. Juggling a demanding job with family life, Rehana is already stretched thin, but is determined to bring the accused to justice. In doing so, she attempts to navigate a complicated path, when everyone except her just wants the incident to be forgotten. Saad’s drama is ultimately an involving character study and Azmeri Haqui Badhon invests Rehana with complexity, sharp edges and defiance, as she battles against a patriarchal system.

Kalpana Nair

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