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A beautiful but haunting psychological drama about a farmer and his family set in 1970s rural Sweden.


Dir-Scr Jens Assur
Prod Jan Marnell, Tom Persson, Jens Assur
With Reine Brynolfsson, Maria Heiskanen, Jacob Nordström
Sales Celluloid Dreams

Based on Tomas Bannerhed’s celebrated novel The Ravens, award-winning photographer Jens Assur brings a forensic beauty and a deeply imaginative resonance to his mesmerising debut feature. Although close to nature and revelling in the discoveries it holds, young Klas’ hopes and expectations lie far beyond the limited possibilites of his family’s small rural world. Like the migrating birds he loves to study, Klas dreams of escaping the Swedish countryside. However, his father Agne is resigned to a role he never wanted – that of a farmer. Beaten down by disappointment, relentless hard work and a creeping sense that someone wants to harm his livelihood, a madness begins to consume Agne. A story told as much by image and sound as by dialogue, Assur creates an emotionally immediate world where the beauty and violence of nature are ever present. This is powerfully raw filmmaking, by turns arresting and heart-breaking.

Sarah Lutton

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