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Quién te cantará

This stylish, elegant and enigmatic feature by one of Spain’s most imaginative directors explores the notion of reality, imitation and artistic creation.

Dir-Scr Carlos Vermut
Prod Enrique López Lavigne
With Najwa Nimri, Eva Llorach, Carmen Elías
Sales Film Factory Entertainment

Lila (Najwa Nimri), a popular singer, has not recorded a song for ten years, since the death of her mother. Her manager Blanca (Carmen Elías) has persuaded Lila to return to the stage for a series of concerts, but when she faints on the beach close to her house, sudden memory loss finds Lila unable to remember the lyrics to her own back catalogue. Enter Violeta (Eva Llorach), a nightclub singer who faces the gig of her life as she prepares to work closely and clandestinely with her idol. Boasting luminous performances from its female leads, sumptuous cinematography by A Single Man cinematographer Eduard Grau and emboldened by Almodóvar regular Alberto Iglesias’ haunting score, Carlos Vermut’s feature is a mesmerising and thoroughly entertaining mystery.

Maria Delgado

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