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Quality Time

A singular take on masculinity defines this strange and innovative comedy.

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Dir-Scr Daan Bakker
Prod Sander van Meurs, Iris Otten, Pieter Kuijpers
With Noël Keulen, Giulio D’Anna, Thomas Aske Berg
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For lovers of experimental and irreverent cinema, this Dutch debut is an invigorating exposé of male arrested development across five wildly diverse episodes. The man-child comedy has arguably defined a whole generation of movie humour, from Judd Apatow to Will Ferrell and beyond. But few, if any, have tackled this theme with as much originality as Dutch filmmaker Daan Bakker. His portmanteau feature debut pinballs from onscreen dots with computerised voices, to deadpan live-action tales focused on time travel and alien abduction. Yet the theme of how disparate, desperate young men grapple with insecurity, self-esteem and familial expectation remains comically consistent throughout. While Bakker evidently delights in documenting his protagonists’ plight, he crucially bestows on them a vulnerability that cuts through his various distancing effects – stills, subtitles – and brings their tragicomic attempts into razor-sharp focus in all-too human ways. Even the troubles experienced by those robotic-voiced dots.

Leigh Singer

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  • Daan Bakker, Director

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