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A Pleasure, Comrades!

Prazer, Camaradas!

The lingering illiteracy, patriarchal power relations and sexual taboos of post-dictatorship Portugal are laid bare in this humorous and sex-positive docudrama with a feminist soul.

Dir-Scr José Filipe Costa
Prod Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra
With Eduarda Rosa, João Azevedo, Mick Greer
Prod Co Uma Pedra no Sapato
With partial English subtitles (some scenes are not in the English language)

1975, rural Portugal. In the wake of the Carnation Revolution, the country and its people are re-organising themselves in a collective effort that sparks the interest of foreigners and expats who share the ideals of the revolution. They volunteer at the recently formed co-ops, offering literacy, health and sex education. Drawing from the testimonies of those who lived it, A Pleasure, Comrades! travels in time to give centre stage to an older generation that bravely and joyfully re-enacts the social and sexual interactions and discussions of a time when women were still embarrassed to be naked in front of their husbands. Eight years after his previous feature Red Line, José Filipe Costa surprises with a comical and charming delight of storytelling inventiveness. Long live the proletariat, long live the sexual revolution!

Ana David

Festival guests

These members of the filmmaking team are expected to attend the festival:

  • José Filipe Costa, director; Filipa Reis, producer; João Miller Guerra, producer.

See the full list of visiting festival guests. Please note that we can't guarantee guest attendance at any particular screening.

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