• Director-Screenwriter

    Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken

  • Producers

    Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken, Åsmund Kjos Fjell

  • With

    Åsmund Høeg, Filip Berg, Benjamin Helstad

  • Norway 2021. 79min

  • Language


    With English subtitles

Violent drifter Mikael passes the young, impressionable Johannes on the road and offers him a lift in his stolen car. They soon make a master-apprentice connection; maybe something deeper. Living outside of the law in 1920s Norway, it’s a hardscrabble life for them. Captivated by the older man, but nursing a secret tragedy, Johannes isn’t really cut out for the brutality that comes so easily to Mikael. Inspired by true events, writer-director Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken creates an immersive, free-flowing, mosaic-like narrative, where sequences cross backwards and forwards over time; moments of graphic violence are interspersed with those of contemplative travelogue; handheld camerawork and deep focus cinematography create a golden image of the past punctuated with urgency and chaos. Joyous, tragic and truly beautiful.

Sarah Lutton

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