Our Time Will Come

A woman is drawn into Hong Kong’s underground resistance movement in Ann Hui’s emotionally acute spy thriller.


Dir Ann Hui
Prod Roger Lee, Stephen Lam, Ann Hui
Scr Ho Kei Ping
With Xun Zhou, Eddie Peng, Wallace Huo
China-Hong Kong (SAR of China)
Sales Distribution Workshop (HK) Ltd

In Japanese-occupied Hong Kong, a quiet schoolteacher who lives with her mother finds herself drawn into the resistance movement. As the Second World War rages, Lan (Xun Zhou) tries to resist the efforts of occupying Japanese forces in arresting the city’s intellectuals. She is befriended by Blackie Lau (Eddie Peng), the charismatic leader of the rebellion, who is merciless as he dispatches soldiers and their collaborators. Gradually, Lan is drawn into this world. As a spy drama, Our Time Will Come grips like a vice, highlighting the networks of ordinary people who fought the Japanese, while the action set-pieces are thrilling. But it is Lan’s moving relationship with her mother that gives Ann Hui’s film its deeply feminist core. Xun Zhou offers up an unforgettable performance as Lan, a strong but reluctant activist risking her life and undertaking extraordinary tasks.

Kate Taylor