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Short films programme

Only Wanna Laugh

Knockabout comedy and some bizarre gimmicks. You won’t just raise a smile, you’ll be laughing out loud.

Simon Young

Total running time 93min

That Dog

A dark comedy of errors unfolds as two interloping idiots inadvertently wreak havoc on the lives of others.

Image from That Dog

Dir Nick Thorburn
USA 2015

The Chop

Yossi is an expert Kosher butcher, but when he loses his job, he pretends to be Muslim in order to get work at a Halal butchers.

Image from The Chop

Dir Lewis Rose
UK 2015


Oscar Isaac plays Basil Stitt who, in the aftermath of an inexplicable incident, decides to sequester himself inside his apartment.

Image from Lightningface

Dir Brian Petsos
USA 2016

The Swing of It

A middle aged couple attend a local swingers party in the hope of saving their stale marriage, but are soon surprised by the dearth of attendees.

Image from The Swing of It

Dir Douglas Ray
UK 2016

A Town Called Panic: The Noise of the Grey.

Le bruit du gris

Horse, Cowboy and Indian invite over some crazy fun friends to help them liven up their dull grey house by adding some splashes of colour.

Image from A Town Called Panic: The Noise of the Grey.

Dir Vincent Patar, Stéphane Aubier
France 2016

Domestic Policy

A satirical comedy which wryly suggests that today’s obsession with female appearance was borne out of one official government meeting in 1919.

Image from Domestic Policy

Dir Alicia MacDonald
UK 2016


In the aftermath of his mother’s death, Edwin reaches out to his extended family for support.

Image from Mother

Dir Leo Leigh
UK 2016

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