Om Dar-B-Dar

An underground Indian classic reaches the UK screen almost 30 years after it was made.


Dir Kamal Swaroop
Prod National Film Development Corporation of India
Scr Kamal Swaroop
With Lalit Tiwari, Anita Kanwar, Gopi Desai
Prod Co National Film Development Corporation Ltd

The UK premiere of India’s legendary underground cult classic finally reaches our screen, fully restored, 25 years after it was made. Om Dar-B-Dar is a fantastical portrait of life in a mythical small town. It tells the story of Om, a young boy enjoying the carefree moments of his adolescence and enduring its harsher disillusionments. Om has an eccentric family. His father quits his government job to dedicate himself to astrology, while his older sister just can’t stop dating a good-for-nothing. Om is interested in science, but also finds himself attracted to magic and religion. Above all, it seems as if his only outstanding skill is his ability to hold his breath underwater for a long time. A genre-bending satire, Om Dar-B-Dar mashes philosophy, popular culture, politics and mythology into a maddening cinematic work that has been referred to as the great Indian LSD trip.

Shai Heredia

NFDC Cinemas of India Image from Cinemas of India