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None Shall Escape

A film of terrifying prescience, this is a major rediscovery: the only wartime Hollywood drama to depict the Holocaust.

Dir André De Toth
Prod Samuel Bischoff
Scr Lester Cole
With Marsha Hunt, Alexander Knox, Henry Travers
UK Distribution Park Circus Limited

The war is over and former Reichskommissar Wilhelm Grimm (Alexander Knox) stands trial for crimes against humanity. Through flashbacks, we’re taken back to the Polish town where Grimm had once been forced to abandon his job as a schoolteacher, but returned as an SS officer. His campaign of brutality and oppression sees young women sent to the euphemistically named ‘officers’ clubhouse’ and the Jewish population rounded up for deportation. Filmed in 1943, the film is remarkable for anticipating the Nuremburg trials and its portrayal of the Final Solution – two years before the true horrors were fully understood. This was Hungarian émigré André De Toth’s second Hollywood production and it has the chilling authenticity of someone who experienced first-hand the reality of Nazi occupation.

Robin Baker

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