El Niño

A high action thriller from Cell 211’s Daniel Monzón features Luis Tosar (Mondays in the Sun, Even the Rain) as a detective chasing drug smugglers across the Gibraltar Straits.

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  • Director Daniel Monzón
  • Producers Edmon Roch, Javier Ugarte
  • Screenwriters Daniel Monzón, Jorge Guerricaechevarría
  • With Luis Tosar, Jesús Castro, Eduard Fernández
  • Spain-France 2014
  • 136 mins
  • UK distribution STUDIOCANAL

Daniel Monzón’s follow-up to the hugely enjoyable prison thriller Cell 211 reunites many of the same creative team to produce a tense drama where intrigue and betrayal test both personal and professional relationships. Detective Jesús (the ever-impressive Luis Tosar) is trying to crack a drug ring operated through the Gibraltar Straits by self-confident El Niño and his sidekicks El Compi and Halil. A cat-and-mouse game ensues as Jesús chases El Niño and his accomplices while trying to figure out whether their contraband activities are part of a wider plot benefitting from the briefing of a police informer. Monzón and his regular co-writer Jorge Guerricaechevarría keep the stakes high, delivering an action-packed drama with a topical edge, performed by a great Spanish cast that includes Eduard Fernández (Biutiful) and Sergi López (Pan’s Labyrinth, Harry, He’s Here to Help).

Maria Delgado