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Nicola Costantino: The Artefacta

Nicola Costantino: La artefacta

An immersive and daring plunge into the peculiar world of one of Argentina’s most controversial artists, Nicola Costantino.

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Director Natalie Cristiani
Producer Buenos Aires Ciudad & INCAA
Co-producer Francesca Chiappetta
Screenwriters Nicola Costantino, Natalie Cristiani
With Nicola Costantino, Aquiles Costantino, Gabriel Valansi
Argentina 2015
75 mins
Sales Coccinelle Film Placement

Nicola Costantino is one of Argentina’s most controversial and talented artists. The daughter of a gynaecologist surgeon, she draws inspiration from the peculiar and macabre, creating disturbing and strangely beautiful pieces of work comprised of molds of human skin, giant pig balls or, in the case of ‘Savon de corps’, a soap made out of her own fat. She also represented Argentina at the 2013 Biennale with her intense and emotional video performance on Eva Perón. The artist’s unique and rigorous craftsmanship is revealed as she prepares for the Biennale, and her reflections on identity, mortality and desire are elegantly captured in this singular documentary. Focusing on the artist’s proclivity for articulating her own creative process, filmmaker Natalie Cristiani presents a sophisticated and compelling portrait of Costantino’s world. An immersive and daring look into an enfant terrible’s mind with a very unconventional perception of beauty.

Laure Bonville

The introduction/Q&A on 17 October will be BSL interpreted.

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